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Body Love Yoga

Rose Pelosi practices her Purvottanasana or Reverse Plank Pose

Purvottanasana, or Reverse Plank Pose.

by Rose Pelosi

•If your shoulders are tighter you can have your fingers pointing out to the sides here.

•Firm into the inner borders of your hands and feet to find a string lift.

•Keep raising your hips, but see if you can soften your glutes a little and make your legs stronger.

•Be aware of your neck, only letting it hang behind you if it feels freeing.

•Keep firming into your hands, keep reaching your toes towards the floor.

•Breathe bigger.


Tune up your yoga practice with helpful tips from Venice-based yoga teacher Rose Pelosi. Pelosi teaches private lessons both inside and at the beach. Follow her on Instagram @bodyloveyoga.

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