What is This Wet Stuff Falling from the Sky?



The heatwave may have broken for now but the weather is still muggy. This is because today’s weather is attributed to a low-pressure system combined with moisture traveling up from the south from former tropical cyclone Linda.

Venice Beach Rainy Day 2
A grey day at Venice Beach Images by Henry Hereford

A low-pressure system that began it’s approach, producing very little weather unleashed its biggest volume of rainfall this morning, disrupting the morning commute and causing some flooding, National Weather Service forecasters said.

Rainfall rates were generally between a fourth and a third of an inch per hour, a statement said.

Drivers are warned to be wary on the road, “The rain will cause ponding of water on area roadways through the morning commute, with local flooding of low-lying areas and intersections. Heavy downpours may cause minor mud and debris flows in and around the recent burn areas.”  a National Weather Service statement said.

“Since many areas have seen little or no rainfall in the past couple of
months, a buildup of oil on the roadways could lead to extra slippery driving conditions,” the NSW statement warned. “Rainfall could cause minor urban roadway flooding across Los Angeles county, which could be worsened by clogged storm drains and culverts.”

The system’s main band of rain will hover over the region until around noon, said NWS meteorologist Andrew Rorke in a telephone interview with City News Service from his monitoring station in Oxnard. Some showers are expected Wednesday morning,
followed by a sunny afternoon, he said.

The chance of rain was set at 70 percent this morning, falling to 50
percent tonight. Forecasters said there is also a chance of showers this afternoon.

However don’t think today’s rain means an end to the hot weather. temperatures are expected to climb back up to the 80s and 90s by the weekend.