Booze at ‘Local 1205’? ‘Kim’s’ a Deli? ‘Superba Bread Company’ on Lincoln?


The Venice Neighborhood Council Land Use and Planning Committee will meet this evening from 6:45-9pm at the Venice Recreation Center.

VNC 500

Of note on the agenda:
1. Project presentations for a “Market to Deli change” at Kim’s Market (600 Mildred, at Ocean). The property was recently sold.
2. Project presentations for 1601 Main, the old Venice Post Office, which is being made into Silver Pictures.
3. Motion Considerations for 1900 Lincoln: The proposed Superba Bread Company, a new bakery and restaurant.
4. Motion Considerations for Wabi Sabi’s renovation and full alcohol permit.
5. Motion Considerations for “Local 1205” selling and dispensing beer and wine.

Oakwood Recreation Center
767 California Ave
Venice, CA 90291