The 25 Douchiest Bars in Los Angeles?


Checking my daily RSS feeds and saw on LAist that Complex magazine has a list of the “25 Douchiest Bars in Los Angeles“. The list makes me wonder if Complex author Lizzie Donaldson actually lives in LA. Some of her picks would make my list, but is Baja Cantina even known as a “bar”? A bar that gets listed over the 9-0 at USC (which is not on the list)?


Donaldson’s list:

1. Saddle Ranch
2. Cabo Cantina (all of them)
5. The Brig
10. Townhouse
12. Brennan’s Pub
18. Circle Bar
20. Baja Cantina
22. O’Brien’s

As Ken has commented on Complex’s website: “Either she hasn’t been to enough bars in LA to write this article or she only slept with guys that didn’t call her back from these bars. A douche can be found at any bar in LA.”