Man Jumps from Venice Pier 2-22-12


From kyoshida78:

This morning an elder man jumped off the end of Venice Pier in what appears to have been a suicide attempt. I did not quite catch that part as I was just arriving during my morning run, but I did notice a young man stripped down to his shorts at the other side of the safety bars.

At first I did not think much about it because I thought he was just climbing down to a lower fishing deck or something, so I did not even check to see what he was up to. A minute later though I realized he had jumped into the water to rescue an old man (and that there was no such thing as a lower deck at Venice Pier). I only captured the last part of the rescue, because I was busy trying to catch the attention of the LADP helicopter that was cruising around while an elder citizen was on the phone calling 911 and explaining the situation. At one point, I thought I needed to jump in too, but the young man, who turns out to be a guy visiting from Spain, was a strong swimmer and got everything under control. The old man was fortunately calm, so the Spanish hero could keep him safe above water until the police and lifeguard arrived. According to his friend on the pier, the Spanish hero did not hesitate a second to jump off Venice Pier to rescue the old man. Well done Spaniard! Whatever made the old man jump, hopefully he will be okay!