Car Crash on Abbot Kinney 12-8-11


From Matt P.: (Update “after the jump”!)

Crash on Abbot Kinney between Crestmore and Angelus at 3pm. Two cars parked. Looks like white VW was only car with a driver. She’s still laying across front 2 seats. LAFD on scene in under 5 min.

Car Crash Abbot Kinney

Picture by Mary B!

Remember to drive safe people! Lots of traffic on Abbot Kinney right now!

Car Crash On Abbot Kinney

Picture by Matt P.!

Car Crash On Abbot Kinney

Car Crash On Abbot Kinney

Update from Matt P:

I can’t tell if she wasn’t moving because she was told to stay still or because she was unconscious. Airbag deployed.

She had to be going pretty fast in the opposite direction (from the way her car is facing in the pic) and then crossed the right, center and oncoming lane into the parked maroon Honda, then spinning a 180 after impact.

This is just a block or two west of the crosswalk with the crossing guard for school kids… At this time of day, could have been a lot worse.

Fire truck blocks eastbound and center lanes and puts cones up. Down to Westbound traffic moving only. Stopped eastbound side gets antsy and like four cars are just laying on their horns over and over again. All of them within site of the firetruck and paramedics and this horrific crash. Fu*@ng impatient people ugh.

Update from Jessie R:
(Driver) Was somewhat responsive when paramedics arrived. Impact landed her onto passenger seat. Glad no one else was hurt.