7th & Broadway Prowler?


From 7/B via email:

I live right near 7th & Broadway and believe someone attempted to burglarize my house around 7am this morning. I woke up (thanks to my overprotective dog) to a man poking around our house. He was decently dressed in jeans, hooded sweater, puffy vest and a beanie with very tan skin.

7th and broadway 90291

I didn’t get a good look at his face but he was either Hispanic or light skinned black and definitely not homeless. We just bought a new TV and had the box against the wall near the trash. I watched him look at the empty box then walk around to our front door and knock very lightly. Not knowing who he was, I didn’t answer but watched him walk back out the gate as soon as he heard my dog bark and leave on a bicycle.

I live in a duplex with a large wooded locked gate that completely blocks off our house from the street. Its not easy to brake in, so naturally I assumed he was a friend of our neighbor or an employee of our landlord but got confirmation from everyone this evening that they did not know who this man was. Thankfully he left without anything or any harm but it defiantly seemed like he was scoping out the place possibly to break in after dark.

I have already made a report to the Venice Police Department for extra patrol in the neighborhood which they seemed more then happy to do. I just wanted to make sure people were aware this man creeping around and that everyone takes extra precaution locking all doors and gates and not leaving anything of value outside. Even if it is behind a locked gate!