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Burglars Casing Homes in Oakwood – Milwood?

From “Venice Kit Cat”:

We just arrived home from our pre-Thanksgiving holiday to hear that a neighbor of ours on the 800-block of Palms Bl. had to report their home as an “attempted breaking and entering”. Yes, 2 screens were “jimmyed” and left beside the windows.

800 Palms

Their property is difficult to access.  They have locking gates and shrubs to deter criminal activity.  In short, they are NOT an easy mark. Nonetheless, the police determined that someone was “casing” the property.

They filed a police report and a follow-up investigation is underway, but they asked me to put the word out on Yo! Venice! to warn others that there are thieves afoot in the Milwood (and possibly Oakwood) area(s) of Venice.  If you see any suspicious activity PLEASE report it asap and file a police report.

Thank you for all you do for our community.

Venice Kit Cat

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