VNC Supports Bike Lanes on Main Street


From the LADOT Bike Blog:

Late last night, the Venice Neighborhood Council voted 13-3 to support a road diet and bike lanes for Main St. The project will install a 7′ / 5.5′ / 11′ / 9′ / 11′ / 5.5′ / 7′ striping configuration (parking, bike lane, travel lane, two way left turn lane, travel lane, bike lane, parking). Along some stretches with more width, the bike lane will be widened to 6′, the median to the originally designed 10′.

Bike Lanes

Prior to the vote, and after a supportive introduction from Councilman Rosendahl’s office, Tina Backstrom (an LADOT engineer responsible for the project, along with engineer Abbass Vajar, also in attendance) explained many of the benefits of the project, including safety as well as some of the technical details. The original design had 5′ bike lanes, but after receiving much input from the public, the median two way left turn lane will be reduced to a very minimum 9′ width in order to give an additional 6″ to either the bike lanes or the parking lanes. The VNC voted to support adding the additional width to the bike lanes via an amendment to the original motion to support the project.

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