Neighborhood Council Community Officer Needed!


The Venice Neighborhood Council needs a new Community Officer due to the resignation of Peter Thottam on July 12th. Get involved! Help shape the community!


From the VNC:

Procedure for filling the vacant Community Officer position on the Board:

Self nominations are required and will be closed at the August 16th Board meeting.

All candidates are requested to attend the August 16th Board meeting at 7:05 PM for a 15-20 minute orientation and verification of stakeholder status – bring proof that you live, work or own property in Venice (drivers license, etc).

Each candidate will have 3 minutes to:

A. introduce him/herself – a general statement including qualifications and why s/he is interested in serving on the Board.

B. Be prepared to answer the following questions.

1. A community officer is required to attend the monthly Board meeting on the third Tuesday of each month, four Town Hall meetings an year, an annual Board retreat and active participation on at least one committee. The committees are listed here. Have you ever served on a VNC committee or have you been a board officer? With this in mind, what committee(s) would you envision working on, and why? If your interest is in forming a new committee, please describe what you envision.

2. Board members are asked to occasionally staff the VNC table at the weekly Friday Farmer’s Market for an hour (if possible), and to be the conduit for information on VNC activities with neighbors and friends in Venice. Are you able and willing to be the conduit of information? Do you have any special skills you would bring to the board?

3. The Venice Specific Plan has been the blueprint for land development since 2000. The VNC is asked to consider variance requests and other modifications to the VSP. Keeping in mind that this is one of the more controversial issues in Venice, please read it and be prepared to tell us your insights and thoughts about the VSP ( and how it should be enforced (strictly, loosely, etc).

After the August 16th Board meeting, Board members will be requested to send, to Ira Koslow ([email protected]), questions they wish to ask the candidates. The questions will be forwarded to the candidates; responses should be returned to Ira and will be posted and distributed to the Board before the Board meeting on September 20th , when the Board will vote to seat the Community Officer.

The elected Community Officer will immediately become a voting member of the VNC Board, subject to a subsequent stakeholder ratification election.

To self nominate, send an email to the [email protected] with a resume or short bio and the reasons you wish to serve on the board or answer the questions above and submit.

Good Luck!