Stolen Linus Bicycles! Serial #: LOE0100052


From GL:

(Update: THIS is why you want to write down your serial number.)

I wanted to report something, mainly so our neighborhood is aware. I live over on Crescent Place, the cross streets are Shell and Superba.

Stolen Linus Bicycle Serial #: LOE0100052
Stolen Linus Bicycle Serial #: LOE0100052

Early Friday Morning (May 6th), before 8am and after midnight, someone broke into our yard. They stole three bikes. My wife and I both have Linus Bikes, the third bike was our neighbor upstairs, it was a Linus as well. Unfortunately, two of the bikes were bought so long ago they didn’t issue serial numbers at that time.

Stolen Linus Bicycle Serial #: LOE0100052

They also broke into our storage unit, but didn’t take anything. This makes me think they are coming back.

If you have any info on these stolen bikes, call the LAPD and also click here to let the owner know!