Streets of Venice First Fridays: Rumormongering


As posted before, the Abbot Kinney Merchants Committee has pulled parking permits with the city to essentially “uninvite” the “Nouveau” Food Trucks from the party that they created, “First Fridays”.

Boycott Ak

A small handful of people and food trucks are calling for a boycott of First Fridays, but what is more interesting is some of the “rumor mill” drama that we have heard about. How much of this stuff is crazy talk and how much of it is reality is anyone’s guess. In no particular order:

1. Food trucks are going to try and get the same permits for the January First Fridays and bring their own porta-potties.
2. “The Brig” and one other local business will likely fill their parking lot with food trucks this week. If that happens, they may be looking at some angry merchants turning them in for violating their conditional use permit, as they are supposed to provide parking for customers.
3. Food trucks that show up and try and use residential streets nearby will be met by the health department, who will be looking out for any and all violations including “bathroom letters”.

See you Friday!

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