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Five Places Outside LA to Get Active

When you live in LA, it can feel suffocating. You might want to get out of the area once in a while and getting active is a great way to do it. Whether you are trying to find a quiet place to immerse yourself in nature or exercise in a productive environment, there are plenty of places that can suit your needs. When you are trying to find a new place to get out of Los Angeles, below are five places where you can do so and get active at the same time.

Joshua Tree

One of the most popular places to get out of LA and experience nature is Joshua Tree. Famous for the trees of its namesake, the desert provides the ability to completely immerse in nature and work out while you’re at it. The hiking is great in Joshua Tree, but the climbing is even more famous. You could also do yoga in the sunshine. Whatever your vibe is, Joshua Tree can provide the context for enjoying the outdoors and doing something active.

Orange County

Between the beaches, the Saddleback Valley mountain region, and the gyms in Orange County, it is a place people in LA go to get out of the smog and the traffic. Whether you are trying to get out of your headspace or find a secluded beach, Orange County can provide the peace of mind you are looking for. Between the clean streets and all the ways to exercise in Orange County, it’s no wonder so many choose to live there. It is one of the most sought-after places in the United States.

San Diego

A great place to surf, scuba dive, snorkel, paddle board, hike, and more, San Diego is a perfect outdoor destination. Whatever you are looking for can be found in San Diego. It also has the laid-back atmosphere that Los Angeles does not. Take a day or a weekend and drive down to San Diego. Take a surfing lesson. Enjoy all that San Diego has to offer. Whether you are into ocean sports or not, there is something for everyone in San Diego when it comes to being active.

Big Bear

Up in the mountains, Big Bear is the place you go when you want to ski or snowboard. Winter sports are great exercise, and they’re fun! Whether you have snowboarded and skied before or not, why not learn? When it’s that time of year and you want to do something fun and active, Big Bear isn’t that far away. When you are looking for something new and fun to do, the mountains can provide a feeling you can’t get in Los Angeles. If you want to get away, the mountains are calling. You must go!

Santa Barbara

Santa Barbara is a special place. It is beautiful. It is full of nature and great vistas. It also has a streak of health, fitness, and wellness. The hiking trails in Santa Barbara are great. So are the beaches. Whatever you are looking for, Santa Barbara is a great place to get out of town when you live in Los Angeles. Between the outdoor activities, aquatic sports, and not shortage of great yoga, fitness classes, and gyms, when you are simply looking to get away and focus on your health, spend some time in Santa Barbara.

When you are trying to get out of LA and be healthier, there are a lot of options. You can find your beach, mountain region, hiking trail, or place to practice yoga. Some people argue that getting out of LA in general is good for your health. The city and county have a suffocating impact on your mindset. Whether you are in love with LA or not, there are a lot of factors that have a negative affect on your mental and physical health.

Luckily, there are a lot of places to go when you are feeling boxed in. Depending on your situation, getting out of town can help you focus on your health. So, next time you are trying to change your environment, go to one of these places where you can explore and put your health first. It isn’t easy, but getting out of the city helps!

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