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How to Take Control of Your Health in 2023

Are you currently on the new year’s resolution bandwagon? If so, you’re not alone. More than half of the Southern Californian population is currently in the same situation.

If you’re like the rest of us, your resolution involves better health in some way. It could be better sleep, a better diet, losing weight, or cutting back on alcohol.

Achieving optimum health doesn’t happen by accident. Ask any Venice Beach bodybuilder or West Hollywood physical trainer, and they’ll tell you the first step towards better health and wellness involves taking control. 

With this in mind, let’s take a look at eight ways to take control of your health in 2023:

Get a dental check-up

Many people avoid going to the dentist until it’s too late. Rather than wait until your next toothache, take control by scheduling an appointment as soon as possible. Even if it means driving over an hour to see a dentist in Valencia, annual check-ups help avoid the painful and oftentimes expensive repercussions of letting cavities and gum disease go untreated. Doing so will help you take control of your oral health, which is an aspect of overall health that many people fail to consider.

Get a routine physical exam

An effort to become healthier requires a baseline for comparison. Otherwise, how else will you know you’re making progress? That starts with scheduling a routine physical exam as soon as possible. By having medical professionals assess your current state of health, you give yourself a starting point. That way, you aren’t wondering if you’re getting healthier. What’s more, your primary care physician will be able to offer their professional assessment regarding the best path forward for taking control of your health.

Listen to your doctor

Going to the doctor is one thing. Following their advice is another. Don’t let the opinions and insights of a licensed physician go in one ear and out the other. Take what they say to heart. They’re experts when it comes to health and wellness, so why not take advantage of having access to their expertise? Trust your doctor to guide you to better health and wellness.

Monitor your weight

Consider getting on the scale once every few days as a way to stay vigilant about your weight. While the average person will fluctuate a few pounds throughout the week – thus incremental changes aren’t something to worry too much about – consistent change in the wrong direction should be something you monitor and attempt to stop as soon as possible. That can only be achieved by routine weigh-ins. Doing so will help you take control of your weight, something many people struggle to achieve.

Count calories

Do you know how many calories you consume in a typical day? What about the number of calories you’re burning? If you’re struggling with your weight, then it’s time to start logging your calories. The results may shock you; many people underestimate their typical caloric intake, opening the door to rapid weight gain if they aren’t getting enough exercise. With this in mind, we suggest spending a week tracking your calories to see if you’re unknowingly overeating.

Track your movement

Thanks to smartwatches and dedicated fitness trackers, it’s never been easier for individuals to track their activity levels throughout the day. With this in mind, consider wearing an Apple Watch or Fitbit and monitoring your movement throughout the day. Once you determine the number of steps you’re taking in a typical 24-hour window, make an effort to double that number. From there, consider using fitness trackers to monitor your heart rate during cardio, pace when running, and all sorts of other metrics.

Get quality sleep

A sufficient amount of quality sleep each night is critical for optimum health and wellness. With this in mind, don’t make the mistake of underestimating the importance of getting a good night’s sleep. Take control of your health by taking control of your sleep schedule.

Many of us are in the process of trying to achieve better health, using the new year as a means of momentum. But what happens when the new year’s steam runs out? If you take control of your health now, you stand a better chance of maintaining control as the year unfolds.

Julie Steinbeck is a freelance writer from Florida. She enjoys writing about business, finance, health, and travel.

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