Solid Winter Swell Brings Waves to Venice

An unidentified charger launches into orbit on the southside of the Venice Beach Pier over the weekend. Photo: Steve Christensen (Rocketfish Media).

By Sam Catanzaro

Over the weekend, before the rain fell, a solid combination of swells sent fun waves to Venice and many spots throughout Southern California.

A short period west-southwest swell, a long period west swell and a medium period west-northwest swell came together on Saturday and Sunday, and while lineups throughout the region were pumping, the Venice Beach Pier saw especially clean conditions. Local photographer Steve Christensen of Rocketfish Media was on hand to capture the action and shared some of his photos with Yo! Venice. If you spot somebody you recognize (or yourself) let us know and tag the person in a Facebook comment.  

While the surf is expected to die down a bit Monday and Tuesday, a long-period west-northwest swell is on tap to hit the region Wednesday and Thursday. The swell is forecasted to peak Wednesday afternoon, with Venice and many spots in Santa Monica Bay expected to see 12-foot sets.

Note: due to rainfall, health officials are warning surfers and swimmers to stay out of the water for at least 72 hours because of increased levels of bacteria in the ocean.