Worlds Away

Incorporating street art from @thelostobject (flower image), @artistanova13 (lips/face), and @Afrika_47 (bottom pattern) Image by Rachel Monique Maskell.

by Rachel Monique Maskell

Because when I speak you can not hear. I feel the words move from my mouth, my breath touching my lips, but your face does not change. Am I speaking? I still question. Am I making sense? All the thoughts that fill my mind that I want to get across and yet when I look at you I see nothing is getting through. When will I learn to speak your language. To rewrite the story so that you are not the villain and I am not the victim. But together we fly and soar, not needing words any more to understand one another. We are here together. Is that not enough? Or must I spell out my vision and the play by play of possibilities. But there’s no fun in that. I’d rather guess where your mind is at. And drift in and out of each other’s fantasies forever.

Rachel Monique Maskell is a Venice-based artist and poet. She creates collage pieces inspired by local street art. Follow her on Instagram @RachelMoniqueMaskell