Be Prepared for Burglary Season

LAPD Pacific Division’s Burglary Crime Fighters.

Yes, burglary season is a thing. Captain Dominic Choi told Yo! Venice this time of year LAPD’s Pacific Division often experiences a spike in burglaries. Don’t be a victim. Be prepared with the following burglary prevention tips from Burglary Detective Supervisor DIII Robyn Salazar.

 ·         Keep Side Gates Locked – Burglars often gain entry through side gates. They get them access to your property where they can be shielded from plain view. Keeping them locked makes a burglar’s job that much more difficult.

·         Post Security Signs – Signs like “Beware of Dog,” “Video Surveillance in Use,” etc. make your property a less attractive target. Burglar’s are looking for easy targets and may skip properties where there’s an increased chance of them being caught.

·         Use Video Cameras – Surveillance cameras, video doorbells, etc. greatly increase the chances of burglars being caught. If you are a victim, high-quality video may be the difference between recovering your property and never seeing it again.

·         Dogs – Though it’s a lot of work, having loud dogs can and does deter burglars. Though some are brazen and woo dogs with treats or use pepper spray, many do not.

·         Motion Detector Lights – Bright lights that switch on at any sign of motion are great attention getters and deter burglars. Burglars do everything possible to be discreet and these make it difficult for them to do that.

·         Lock Doors and Windows – All doors and windows – including those upper stories – should be locked even when you’re home. Use a dowel to secure sliding doors and windows. Many burglars have entered homes and removed property without being noticed by the occupants.

·         Safes – Though the name is misleading, safes are anything but. Many burglars simply steal the entire safe and break it open at a later time. Don’t keep valuables in a home safe unless that safe is hidden and securely bolted to the floor. A bank safe-deposit box is always preferred for extremely valuable or irreplaceable items.

·         Knock-Knock Burglars – A knock-knock burglary is when someone rings your doorbell or knocks on your door for the sole purpose of seeing if you’re home. If you answer the door, he/she will generally come up with some excuse like asking for directions. If there is no answer, they’ll burglarize your home. If someone suspicious knocks on your door, call 911 without delay.

·         Suspicious Activity – The easiest way to thwart burglars is to be vigilant. Watch your property and that of your neighbors. Report all suspicious activity to L.A.P.D. without delay.

It’s burglary season in Pacific Division.