Venice Freaks Out


Saying “No to Normal” for 11 Years. All photos courtesy: Venice Freakshow

by Melanie Camp

1. Venice Freakshow
Venice’s iconic Freakshow is looking for new digs.

The Venice Freakshow held its final performances at the weekend. The news came via a post that hit the Venice Freakshow’s Facebook page on April 21 and garnered close to 800 shares.

“We have some very sad news…our building has been bought, and the new owners are pushing us out of our space. I have done all I can to stop this, but unfortunately, there is nothing else we can do. We have to be out by May 1st, so this will be our last full weekend of shows until we find a new space. If you want to see the Freakshow as it’s been for 11 years…COME SEE IT This WEEKEND!!! We would love to see you and Thank You for all the Love you have given us over the years!!!”

4. Venice Freakshow
For some, the Freakshow helped them feel normal.

The Freakshow has been saying “no to normal” for over a decade. Playing a huge part in keeping Venice weird. However, for some, the Freakshow helped them feel normal, like the one young girl with six fingers on one hand. Her mother brought her to see the show in February. She got into the show for free, of course.

The Freakshow’s future home is so far unknown.

Yo! Venice can confirm Snapchat is not moving in. A Snap Inc spokesperson told us, “We don’t own the building nor do we have any leasing rights to the ground-floor retail.”

One thing is for sure; whatever takes over the Show’s old space has some pretty weird shoes to fill.