Body Love Yoga: Bakasana, Crow Pose


Oso watches Rose Pelosi practice her Bakasana or, Crow Pose.

by Rose Pelosi

Bakasana, Crow Pose

•Spread those fingers wide, create a strong foundation.

•Gaze FORWARD rather than down, keep extension, the heart always leading the way.

•With the knees HIGH on the backs of the arms, squeeze the inner leg lines, the adductor muscles, inward as if the legs were going to draw together. This will assist with the lift off and keep you working toward your center point of balance especially for beginners who will find the knees almost to the outside of the arms.

•Maintain a deep core activation. Use the power of your entire body to lighten up when it feels as though the arms are doing all the work.


•Begin by simply feeling your weight shift forward into the hands. Find that bend in the elbows creating a natural shelf on which to balance. Keep gazing forward.

•Slowly the toes will lift, and you will take flight. Practice lifting one set and then the other. Slowly the arms will begin to straighten, going deeper, press the Earth away and keep the legs hugging to your midline, heels lifting towards the hips.

•Return to step one. Tune in even more. Keep breathing.

If isn’t happening today, it doesn’t mean it won’t. Be playful, be patient, be kind to yourself and have fun!

Tune up your yoga practice with helpful tips from Venice-based yoga teacher Rose Pelosi. Pelosi teaches private lessons both inside and at the beach. Follow her on instagram @bodyloveyoga.