The Lücke Way to Park



by Melanie Camp

My Lücke Parking App
The app matches people who need a parking spot with those who have one spare

Want to make extra cash renting out your parking space during the summer rush? There’s an app for that! MyLücke matches people who need a parking spot with those who have one spare. Perfect for a place like Venice Beach, where a good parking spot can be hard to find.

Described as a virtual Airbnb for parking, the app is an on-demand, private parking marketplace that makes hourly, daily, weekly, and monthly parking easier for drivers, while serving as an additional source of income for people with under-utilized parking spaces.


Yo! Venice spoke to founder & CEO, Emily Webb, to find out more…

What was the inspiration behind My Lücke?

My Lücke founder & CEO, Emily Webb
My Lücke founder & CEO, Emily Webb

My inspiration to build a parking solution for Los Angeles resonated with me when Ibegan my journey as a new Angeleno. I experienced firsthand the magnitude of traffic, parking problems and unwarranted time spent in the car. As I established myself both socially and professionally, I realized my life was almost restricted to a certain mile radius because of the time, energy and money spent on parking in Los Angeles. Once I actually saw how many private and vacant parking spaces were sitting empty, all around the city, I started my journey to make better use of space while providing a platform for people to make money!

How did the app’s Venice connection come about? 

We hired a Los Angeles based consultant whose track record was to develop projects that succeed economically and enhance the urban environment. His expertise, specifically with public parking management in commercial districts, was an instrumental contribution during the process of identifying and constructing a marketing strategy for our Beta testing. We hope to continue to build upon the relationships that were created through this process and bring sustainable solutions to the Venice community.

What do you think is the most important thing to consider when developing any app?

A developer or development team is the foundation of building an app. Bringing on someone with a strong technical background and ability to execute is a huge asset when materializing a vision for not only apps, but any tech product or service.

What are the future plans for MyLücke? 

We are laser focused on our successes in Los Angeles and extremely cognizant of the strategic milestones we hope to implement and accomplish with both our users and potential partnerships. Our goal is to enhance the business model while gaining traction in the communities that are in dire need of a parking solution.

You don’t hail from the techie world. What is your background? 

I grew up on Cape Cod. My upbringing was in a small town where I attended public school, then transferred to a small private high school in Maine and afterwards, graduated from a private liberal arts university in NY. I have experience in horticulture, construction, real estate, insurance, finance, admin, and now tech!

The MyLücke app can be downloaded for free in the App Store.