911 Call Sends Police Racing to Ocean Front Walk



LAPD Pacific Division raced to the 2800 block of Ocean Front Walk tonight, just before 9pm, after a call to 911 reported a man who looked as if he was about to jump off a building.

Police surrounded the partially constructed home, setting up a barricade along Ocean Front Walk and Speedway. One officer stood with a bean bag gun aimed at the building, while the Air Support Division circled overhead.

Within minutes of the helicopter arriving a 6ft-tall, caucasian man, with dark hair, wearing shorts and a t-shirt climbed down from the building, and surrendered to police.

The man is now being questioned by LAPD Pacific Division. Police say he also matches the description of a person reported to 911, by someone in the Canals, earlier this evening.

Watch some of the action here…

Police Respond to 911 Call on Ocean Front Walk