LAPD Deploys New Officers at Venice Beach


From Councilman Bonin and the LAPD:

Responding to community concerns over public safety and quality of life in neighborhoods near Venice Beach, the Los Angeles Police Department is enhancing its efforts and increasing its presence in the area, City Councilman Mike Bonin announced today.

Venice Beach Police Officers

Effective last week, the LAPD Pacific Division’s Venice Beach Detail began a new deployment strategy that will result in a more constant, near round-the-clock presence in a location that is simultaneously a park, a neighborhood, a business district and a world-famous tourist destination. The new strategy will include regular use of bicycle patrols, and weekend deployment of the department’s elite Metro horseback detail.

“This is a big boost for quality of life in Venice Beach neighborhoods,” Bonin said. “I applaud LAPD for its strong commitment to community policing, and for working to improve its already strong partnership with the people of Venice.”

The new deployment strategies came a week after the Los Angles Police Commission met in West LA, and heard from many residents concerned about safety near the beach. The revitalized bike detail began Sunday, with officers fanning across the boardwalk on two wheels, talking with residents and visitors.

“Bike details are especially useful in Venice because it allows the officers to be more visible and present on the boardwalk without disrupting the crowds that are drawn to this world class tourist destination,” said Pacific Division Captain Brian Johnson. “It is great way to be part of the community and nimble with emergency response.”

The bike detail, which has been a part of LAPD’s community policing efforts in Venice for more than a decade, will now have 7-day coverage.

“LAPD Pacific Division officers are energized and excited to be part of this new police-community partnership,” said Lieutenant Steve Lurie. “We look forward to working with the unique and diverse stakeholders in this incredible neighborhood and world class destination.”

Johnson said the Metro officers, deployed on horses, will augment the regular beach detail on busy weekends, when crowds easily swell to tens of thousands.

Crime has been on the decline citywide, in Pacific Division, and in Venice. Part 1 crimes, which include the most serious and violent offenses like homicide, rape, burglary and assault, are down 14 percent in Pacific Division so far this year.