The Venice ArtBlock is Today!


The Venice “ArtBlock” will be held today during the Venice “Art Walk” from 11am-5pm. The ArtBlock was created by the art studios and galleries within walking distance of Google (which now serves as the Art Walk headquarters, rather than Westminster Elementary) as a reaction against being “snubbed” by the curators of the Venice “Art Walk”.

Venice ArtBlock
The Venice ArtBlock Map features studios walking distance from Google / Art Walk headquarters

While the ArtBlock crew should be commended on their DIY attitude, their belittling of the “expensive ticket(s)” and “wristband(s)” of the Venice Art Walk misses the entire point of the day: the event is a fundraiser for the Venice Family Clinic. Hopefully next year the two groups can work out their differences, or at the very least the ArtBlock crew can try and raise money for the awesome Venice Family Clinic while crashing their party.

Venice Art Walk

The Venice ArtWalk does not feature studios walking distance from Google / Art Walk headquarters

From the Venice ArtBlock:

ARTBLOCK is an open community of independent artists, living and working in Venice, who’ve joined together to open their studios to the public for ARTBLOCK, an all day art event on May 19th, 2013. ARTBLOCK coincides with the Venice Art Walk, and was created by Venice artists after Google & The Venice Art Walk Committee suddenly changed the location of this long standing community event to focus on shops east of Lincoln.

ARTBLOCK maintains their focus on art and celebrates original Venice art studios in the heart of the Venice Arts Corridor. You don’t need an expensive ticket or wristband to enjoy ARTBLOCK! ARTBLOCK is free and open to the public. Just follow our handy ARTBLOCK map and balloons, or loose yourself walking through our Venice neighborhoods, and discover all the creative treasures and artists Venice is famous for! ARTBLOCK is an important community event that supports the real, working artists that make Venice the unique, creative hot spot it’s become! Support your neighbors, have fun, and be enlightened on May 19th at ARTBLOCK!



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