The Ave is Fundraising for Boston Marathon Bombing Victims


From our friends at The Ave:

Monday April 15th was a tragic day for those in Boston, MA. We were horrified to learn that bombs had gone off near the finish line at the Boston Marathon, and immediately worried for our friends, families, and everyone else in the vicinity. Our hearts ached at the sight of the videos and photos of the tragedy, leaving us to ask one question: How can WE help?

Johnny Knoxville and The Ave : Fundraising for Boston Victims

Actor Johnny Knoxville helping the fundraiser.

Marc Fucarile, JP Norden, and Paul Norden were amongst those injured yesterday. These men are from Stoneham, a suburb located just north of downtown Boston. JP and Paul were in attendance at the marathon, cheering on their friend. They both lost a leg from the bombing. In this difficult time, the families of Marc, JP and Paul have set up a charity account at Stoneham Bank.

The Ave : Fundraising for Boston Victims

In hopes of sending support to the charity account, we decided to design a shirt we call LA LOVES BOSTON–because we do! $15 of every sale will go directly to the Marc, JP, and Paul Marathon Victim Fund. We will be sending a box of three dozen shirts to the families to show our support as well.

The Ave : Fundraising for Boston Victims

You can also mail a donation to:

“JP Paul Jackie Marathon Victims” c/o
Stoneham Bank
80 Montvale Ave
Stoneham, MA 02180
(781) 438-0430

We personally called the bank ourselves and confirmed that all donations will go directly to the families listed.

Remember that any little bit helps! We might be thousands of miles away over here in Venice Beach, but we want to send all our love and support out to the families in Boston during this difficult time. We hope you all take part in this awesome fundraiser! You can purchase the shirt here.