Daytime Burglary Alert


From MG via email:

Hey Venice Neighbors,

My girlfriend and I were burglarized yesterday in broad daylight near Broadway and Electric while at work. Broken in through a small kitchen window. In alerting my neighbors, I learned that my neighbor across the alley (Brooks Ct) was burglarized two weeks ago in a similar fashion. Another neighbor said his agent, a woman on Palms had also been burglarized similarly. She actually has a security cam shot of 3-4 young men and possibly a woman entering her home.

Broadway and Electric, Venice Beach

When I called the CSI unit to set a time to fingerprint, I was told they have 3 more Venice burglaries to print today!

Culprits made off with mostly electronics, iMac, Denon receiver, Apple TV, flat screen TV, Epson cinema projector, some cameras, an Xbox and a bunch of my girlfriend’s expensive jewelry. Oddly, they actually sifted through the jewelry and left the less expensive stuff.

Just wanted to alert the community.