1/2 Revolution at Beyond Baroque Tonight!


Sorry for the late news, but at 10pm this evening there will be a special screening of the documentary “½ Revolution” at Beyond Baroque. Filmmaker Karim El Hakim, just back from showing the film at Sundance to rave reviews, will be present for a “Q&A” after the screening. The screening is open to the public and free.

From The Hollywood Reporter:

½ Revolution, Omar Shargawi and Karim El Hakim’s visceral, verite personal documentary focusing on 11 days of the 18-day revolution, captures the ground-level events with a gut-churning immediacy and veracity often missing from news reports, as well as amateur footage posted to the Internet. Well-suited to a multi-platform theatrical/VOD release, the film is poised to go viral in a manner that could potentially help shape future political developments in Egypt and throughout the Arab world.

An award-winning Egyptian-Danish filmmaker, Shargawi coincidentally arrived in Cairo on the day before the revolt began January 25. As people filled the streets to demonstrate against the Mubarak regime, Shargawi and Egyptian-Swedish filmmaker Karim El Hakim set out to film as much of the uprising as they could from their neighborhood near Tahrir Square.

Much of their street-level footage, captured on handheld DV and hi-def cameras, as well as by their mobile phones, is literally shot run-and-gun as they venture out into the city on a daily basis. The protests that initially begin peacefully become increasingly violent as security forces respond with batons, tear gas and live ammunition. Scenes of passionate protestors denouncing Mubarak alternate with adrenaline-pumping riots that leave numerous protestors dead or wounded, as some demonstrators begin to retaliate against security forces.

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