Update: Venice Beach Ordinance 42.15 NOT an Emergency Ordinance


It seems like it was just yesterday that the LA City Council unanimously approved the Venice Beach Boardwalk – Draft Ordinance “42.15” as “an emergency ordinance”. Actually, it was just yesterday!

Today word comes from Councilman Bill Rosendahl that “during council today, I asked the City Attorney to explain where we are on the Venice Beach Ordinance so that my constituents and I can understand where we are in this matter”.

“The City Attorney says there was an apparent miscommunication yesterday” says Rosendahl, “the ordinance did not contain a specific statement showing its urgency as required by City charter. The ordinance will become active 31 days after publication which will occur after the mayor signs the ordinance”.

Since Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa has 10 days to sign off on the Venice Beach Boardwalk – Draft Ordinance “42.15”, it will likely take 40 or more days until there is any enforcement of “42.15” on Ocean Front Walk.