Shuttered: Mac Experts


Mac Experts on Lincoln has closed. I tried to shop there twice but wasn’t psyched on their product selection or customer care. They were actually pretty darn unwelcoming.

Mac Experts

Looking at online reviews, it looks like others had similar experiences:

They have nothing for sale. I’m beginning to think this is a fake store, put on display for some reason. I live around the corner and sometimes reluctantly pop in to see if they have a mouse/hard drive/video card/firewire cable/ipod or any other computer thing. Every time, it’s a “no”. The weirdest thing.

Got there at 9:30am this morning. Their “business hours” are 9:30a to 6p. So the place is totally dark and gated up. I wait outside in the rain… until 10. Still nobody!

From Ken:
it was clearly kind of a mom-and-pop operation (that is, if “mom and pop” are uncaring, rude and miserable bastards),

The space is now available thru Sanjo Investments.

Mac Experts
2419 Lincoln Boulevard
Venice, CA 90291
(310) 437-4777 ‎