Damien Hirst Skateboards : 7-20k a Pop


In 2009 artist Damien Hirst collaborated with “Supreme” for a limited edition of 700 skate decks. 500 were sold by Supreme, 200 were retained as artist’s proofs. Hirst is now selling his artist’s proofs for $7,000 to $20,000 each.

Damien Hirst Skateboards
Damien Hirst skate decks.

Elbert Chu has a great article on the Hirst skateboards over on ESPN which you can read by clicking here. Included in Chu’s article is a great quote from the always relevant Skip Engblom of the Santa Monica Airlines skateboard company.

Skip Engblom
Skip Engblom (not in formaldehyde).

Says Engblom:

“I want to make this absolutely clear: I have no problems with the guy. If he [Hirst] can con some dilettante for those skateboards, more power to him. I have no problem with commerce. Hopefully, he can buy me an inexpensive lunch sometime since I helped build the industry he’s making money on.”