Tony Vera: Station 63 Pancake Breakfast Video!


Here is the latest video from Tony Vera! If you missed the LAFD Venice Station 63 pancake breakfast yesterday, check it out! You can always drop by the station to get a cool shirt and support them!

The video has all the guys from 63, Mariachis, Jr Cadets (1:50), Charlie the Parrot (2:45), the awesome mobile pancake grill (3:48), inside the station (4:17), more cadets (4:28), interviews with 63 firefighters (6:00), fire truck tours (7:40), cute kids (8:48), discussions about the hook and ladder (10:06), LAFD tales of delivering a baby in a car the night before (11:26), communications around the station (14:20), 63’s downtime room (15:16), a python! (15:46), kids playing with the fire truck sirens (25:55), interviews with the Mariachis – and their number you can hire them at for your party! (29:54), station 63’s DJ! (33:30), uni-cycling 63 members (34:30), commentary about working in Venice (38:30), people petting the python (43:40), ladies admiring 63’s pin up calendar (44:06), dressing up as a fireman (45:29) and clean up at the end of the day! (45:55) and our friend Edizen from Venice Paparazzi (46:40)!

Free advice for non-millionaire ladies of Venice: check out where Patti Stanger, the “Millionaire Matchmaker“, tries to hook up her friend … station 63! (36:00)