Canali Café : Armed Robbery 3-6-11


Last night at 6:30pm, Canali Café was robbed at gunpoint. There were three tables with clients on the patio at the time. No one was hurt.

canali cafe venice beach

Witnesses say that two 30-ish year old males, one hispanic and one black, entered the restaurant and approached the busboy, telling him to open the register. One of the men stood at the counter and another walked around the employee side, brandishing a handgun. One of the waitresses that was working opened the register and the counter side robber took the cash.

The robbers fled north in the alley of Strongs Ave on foot. Customers were unaware of what was happening inside of the restaurant.

Canali Café was also robbed three weeks ago. An employee said it was both frustrating and scary that they had been robbed at gunpoint, when LAPD detectives had not even collected the surveillance camera footage from the previous robbery. We hope that the LAPD detectives fully investigate these robberies.

The Canali Café Venice Beach
123 Washington Blvd
Venice Beach, California



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