Councilman Rosendahl Hits the Streets of Venice


Last week, Councilman Bill Rosendahl hit the streets of Venice in response to emails sent to him by concerned residents tired of the illegal activities of the “RV Dwellers” of Venice. We are happy to hear that the Councilman is responding to his constituents concerns, not as a photo-op, but just because he is doing his job! Way to go, Councilman!

We expect to see a swift response from the Councilman’s office in helping the residents of Venice in getting the “Overnight Parking of Oversize Vehicles” signs put up as soon as signatures are delivered to his office by residents. Let’s hope the signs are getting printed right now, because from the emails we have received, neighborhood block participation is at or above a 95% participation rate. We will be providing a map of participating blocks as soon as it is available showing the resounding response.

Bill Rosendahl MB Boissonnault

From reader MB:

I wrote this letter to him last night after I heard about the petition “opportunity”. He + Arturo Pena came to the studio at 2:30 and talked at length with me + my studio mate, Marlen L. Both gentlemen walked w/ me around the neighborhood + then all the way to my house, to see the RV’s @ Oakwood. They promised action. They were very positive + interested–no media, no onlookers. I hope you might post this to give a bit of better-feeling spin.

When I thanked Rosendahl this morning for coming by, his response was that he’d have to drive thru the area again some other time, because it looked like street-cleaning had forced most of the RV’s out + he needs to get a better picture of what’s happening— laughable, yes, and also cause to bombard his office w/ daily pictures of RV dwellers. yes???

Thanx so much.

Dear Mr. Rosendahl,

This is my first time writing to you.

I’m sure you are being bombarded with emails, but I have to voice my extreme displeasure with the current situation outside my place of work, in the artists’ complex at 4th + Vernon. It has become unbearable; overrun with RV’s + stinking to high heaven w/ a daily deposit of human crap somewhere by our front door. It is overrun with garbage + detrius, and usually there is a crazed person roaming about in some extreme state. This is where I bring clients to see my artwork, and where pieces get picked up + dropped off for movie/tv rentals. This is not a “hippie creative space” , where I make crafts + play bongos– this is my livelihood. Please, get these filthy conditions under control.

I am an extreme lover of liberal, progressive attitudes, I lived in Europe + schooled there for close to a decade.

I am very active in volunteering in this beloved community of mine for the last 11 years. I’ve had it with this situation, though, because, you see, I live at Brooks + 7th, where the OTHER RV HAVEN is around the corner. My daily walks with my dogs + to work are now like walking thru a third-world country, which I’d rather visit, and then be able to leave when I’m ready.

Now I have to go door to door for you?? Now I have to do YOUR job, that you should have done
ages ago, when it was painfully obvious that this was headed in a downward spiral??
Please. I have work to do, in order to be able to afford to live in this place that is turning into a shithole.

Thank you for your time.
Now please get to work.