Black Balling at Venice Breakwater?


Frustrated with the recent “black balling” of the Venice Breakwater, a local surfer has voiced his opinion in a press release over at Surfline.



I thought it my duty to at least try and express my displeasure with the recent “BLACK BALLING” of VENICE BREAKWATER to SURFERS at or around noon each day. I hope that I’m not alone, in my complaint, nor off base to voice concern.

It’s absolutely MIND BOGGLING and borderline CRAZY to impose a black ball at one of the few surfing breaks in SOUTH LA for no apparent reason… especially a surf spot and location that has historically been linked with board riding and has REAPED ENORMOUS ECONOMIC GAIN from the tourism and development associated with surfing.

During a brief conversation with a lifeguard I was informed that the black ball was to allow more recreational swimming in the area. (A NOTE : The lifeguard also expressed bewilderment at the decision even going as far to say that it was A DANGEROUS PROPOSITION as the RIP TIDE REGGIE is a perilous and sometimes fatal hazard to the average swimmer – at this spot.) After monitoring VENICE BREAKWATER during the black ball on SURFLINE CAMERAS…I have noticed that the area in question is not very utilized by swimmers and lies dormant and inactive.

I implore the powers that be to reconsider this regulation as I feel it to be unnecessary and (in the long run) harmful to Venice Beach and the city of Venice, CA.

Thank you for your time.


David Gott
Venice Beach Surfer