City Council Passes Amendments to Oversize Vehicle Ordinance


From The Venice Stakeholders Association:

The Los Angeles City Council today unanimously approved amendments to the City’s Oversize Vehicle Ordinance that will make it more effective at removing campers, converted buses and large recreational vehicles from residential neighborhoods.

Car Camping Venice Beach

The revised citywide ordinance will allow neighborhoods in any part of Los Angeles to elect to ban vehicles over 22 feet long or over 7 feet tall from 2-6 AM from local streets.

“We have long asked for these amendments,” said Mark Ryavec, the president of Venice Stakeholders. “The earlier version only banned the largest of buses, moving vans and RVs and thus was ineffective at preserving parking at night for residents.”

Ryavec praised Councilman Bill Rosendahl for standing firm against last minute demands by RV and camper dwellers that the ordinance go back to committee for unnecessary tinkering.

“All the opponents wanted to do was delay the imposition of the new version of the ordinance so they can continue to squat on residential streets for which they pay no mortgage, rent, utilities or taxes,” Ryavec said. “They have turned Venice into the largest franchise of Kampgrounds of America and just want to keep it that way.”

“Rosendahl saw through this tactic and rejected it.”

The ordinance now heads to the Mayor for signature and then individual ordinances will be presented defining the boundaries of any neighborhood that requests these overnight restrictions. Following this, the signs will be installed on a block-by-block basis.



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