Fire on 5th Ave Believed to be Stove Related


Matthew P. reports:

Today at approximately 1:30 PM there was a fire in a second floor unit of the three-bedroom apartment building at 1002 5th Ave.

Fire in Venice Beach June 11, 2010

The manager said that there was smoke coming out of the unit and when he entered, the unit was full of smoke originating from the oven. I’m not sure if it was a fault with the oven or if something in the oven caught fire originally. There was a VERY quick response by the fire department. Luckily, the damage to the surrounding units seems to have been minimized to the original unit and the unit directly above it. Both LAFD and Century City Fire Department units were on hand, as well as ATF agents and the Arson Investigator.

Fire in Venice Beach June 11, 2010

Four big trucks plus one hook and ladder were on scene. A few paramedics were on scene as well, although from my unofficial reporting it seems as though no one required major medical assistance. The entire building has been evacuated and the residents that were home at the time have been standing and sitting across the street from the building on 5th Ave and Broadway. The fire was put out fairly quickly, but it continues to smoke for over an hour after it was extinguished (as of 3pm) There is no estimate on when the displaced residents will be able to return to their units.

Fire in Venice Beach June 11, 2010



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