Gonzalez Family Abbot Kinney: Shuttered?


From Yo! Venice! reader Jim Hubbard:

Perhaps this is the final brush stroke toward the completion of making Abbot Kinney trendy.

Gonzalez Family Abbot Kinney

The attached picture shows the Gonzalez family with some of their belongings in front of their Abbot Kinney (in the 1300 block, the trendy area) home which has been owned by the family for sixty years.

The LA County Sheriff’s Department arrived in force before 8am this morning and, the family claims, kicked in their front door, and evicted them, had a locksmith change the locks and put the family on the street with no where to go. All the shelters are full. The situation is not clear to me at this time other that the eviction and the family owning the property for sixty years. This is the last residence along the gold coast, trendy area of upscale Abbot Kinney. This is Venice history being made. The last home. Finally, the family, locked out, cannot enter their house to retrieve their cats, and several kittens who are locked inside.

Whatever the circumstances, they lived here, own the place and were stormed by cops and thrown. The last home on trendy Abbot Kinney. Whatever happened here could have been avoided and I can safely say there was some bs around money and these folks not knowing how to fight and protect themselves.