Open Containers in Venice Beach


I must have walked by ten or more people getting ticketed for open containers this weekend. Seriously you booze swillin’ drinkers … the brown bag doesn’t fool the law. Open containers in public are discussed in statute 25620. Fines are at the discretion of the Judge and can range between $50-$250 depending on if you have any prior charges involving alcohol.

Beer on The Beach Venice Beach

(a) Any person possessing any can, bottle, or other
receptacle containing any alcoholic beverage that has been opened,or a seal broken, or the contents of which have been partially removed, in any city, county, or city and county owned park or other city, county, or city and county owned public place, or any recreation and park district, or any regional park or open-space district shall be guilty of an infraction if the city, county, or city and county has enacted an ordinance that prohibits the possession of those containers in those areas or the consumption of alcoholic beverages in those areas.
(b) This section does not apply where the possession is within
premises located in a park or other public place for which a license
has been issued pursuant to this division.
(c) This section does not apply when an individual is in
possession of an alcoholic beverage container for the purpose of
recycling or other related activity.

open container venice beach



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