Venice Beach Write in Campaign for Safety: Week Four


Have you noticed Venice getting better? Are there less aggressive transients around town? If you have not noticed a change (I haven’t) then we must continue with week four of the write in and call in campaign. 20-40k people read this site each week, and if 10% of you care enough we can make change happen. Do this if you have not already.

Homeless on the Venice Canals, Venice Beach

For the last three weeks Yo! Venice! posted about a “write in” campaign intended to make Venice Beach a safer place for residents. It is only through continued efforts that this campaign will be taken seriously, so we are reposting this again to let residents know about it. If you wrote in last week and do not feel the situation has changed, write in again this week.

For a link to the full post with all of the email addresses, click here.



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