Transients Blamed for Venice Canals Break In


Remember the story last month about the Venice Canal Residents being flustered by a new transient camp that was on the canals? Part of the story was one resident saying “this past week they were in a neighbors yard discussing how to break in.” Well, it looks like the transients have made good on their threat, and this very house was indeed broken into.

venice canals

From the owner of said house on the canals:

“My place was broken into yesterday. The police and crime scene investigators left a little while ago. I went to my house today around 4 pm and could not get in from my front door. I walked to the canal side and noticed my patio door open. I noticed bottles on my table and the TV on. I called 911 and was afraid to enter the house.

A few min later me and my neighbor cleared the house before the police came. They had fled through the back when they heard me trying to come in through the front door. They stole bottles of alcohol and some change. What worries me is a black BB gun I have that looks real and they took that as well.

The crime scene investigator was able to lift a couple of prints. The cops told me to tell the neighbors to call 911 and report an “attempt break-in” if they see suspicious activity in the area so they get there “fast”.

Venice residents are urged to report any crime small or large so that the police are aware that this is an ongoing problem. For non emergency dispatch call 818-734-2223. Get an address and description of the violator and violation, and get a photo if you can.

To contact Concilman Bill Rosendahl, even if it is to provide a general complaint about the behavior of these transients, click here to email or call (310) 575-8461. Trust us, he really does get these emails, and will have to make things happen if enough people start telling him how they feel about this.