Free Gasoline in Venice! (aka 40 Packs of Bologna)


Comparative fuel prices in Venice after the jump!

A few days ago I went to do the “move the car to the other side of the street” shuffle for street sweeping and my car would not start. As it is a Ford, I perked up my ears and listened for the fuel pump that is notoriously faulty. Nope … it was all full of life … as was the rest of the vehicle, power and all. Next up was to do what anyone else would do at 11pm and vigorously shake the car side to side and listen for that familiar sound of fuel splashing around in the vehicle. Nada. Zilch. Zero. At least I was wearing pants.

Bologna prices in Venice Beach

It appears that our new economy and gas prices have made fuel theft come into fashion again. The car had 3/4 of a tank and no huge scratch marks on the gas flap when I parked it. Someone decided to get their “free gas” on at my expense the night before.

Yo Venice, peepz are syphoning our fuel!

suck me dry.jpg

Getting robbed of 50 or so bucks worth of fuel literally sucks. Going to the supermarket after you refuel makes it suck even more.

These days a tank of gas is worth more than 40 packs of bologna.

Think about that.

If someone syphons 4 tanks a night they are looking at $200 bucks in fuel if they all have $50 worth of petrol in them. Sounds like a good income.

Enough said. Gas syphoners suck.

Costco gas in Venice is $3.86 a gal for regular and $4.06 for super.
Gas prices in Venice Beach

United gas in Venice is $3.86 a gal for regular and $4.06 for super.
Gas prices in Venice Beach

Chevron is $3.94 a gal for regular and $4.16 for super.
Gas prices in Venice Beach



  1. Well, the baloney in question IS on sale.

    A cab driver recently recommended that United Oil gas station – he swears it’s great gas and not cheapy watered-down gas as I had been assuming. I tried to go there the other day and I spent literally 12 minutes stuck between all these cars whose drivers don’t know how to pull up to a gas pump. (They must be the same people who don’t know that leaving 4 feet in front and behind their parked car is rude. We don’t have a lot of street parking here – don’t take up enough room for 2 cars!) I couldn’t move my car anywhere and finally when I had an opening, I split and got gas elsewhere. That totally sucked. I’ll try again when it’s not 4pm on a Friday. 🙂

    (btw – I am well aware of how I spelled baloney. I like my way better.)

  2. We should count ourselves lucky … a friend in Texas read this and said that the problem there is that to save time they just shove a metal spike in the bottom of the gas tank and then not only steal your gas but leave you with a new gas tank tab.