YoVenice is back to serve you


GoDaddy.com finally got their sh*t together after blaming us for mangling our server for the last three days. After dealing with some tech support guys that know less than our armchair web slinging selves and have a huge amount of gen-Y ‘tude-a-tude, we finally got them to kick the other domain that was sitting on our shared box providing the world with screeners of Tropic Thunder (or something .. spam? who knows .. they didn’t say) off and provide you with some more news about good old Venice Beach California.




  1. J, sorry LA Snark is having difficulties too! Your site seems to be loading pretty quick for me, so I assume your issues have been resolved. For us it was a matter of telling them that we were not nitwits and our text files that they were hosting would not create such latencies. Our picts are on Flickr so there was no reason for it to be happening. Explaining that took a whole mess of calls and some stink eye over the phone.

    We dig your site!