Venice Canals plugged up for the better!


Cool dude resident of the canals Steve Gatto forwarded us news from The Voice of the Canals that the Venice Canals got two new plugs put in the sluice gates at Washington as a stop-gap in the ongoing battle of saltwater and metal decay. The gates are pushing seventy years of age and leak so two plugs were added so the canals can be filled these days while they await the $560,000 repair needed to fix them in earnest. 

I hope the canals get fixed soon so my old neighbors from Howland Canal and I can drag our model sail boats out and do some racing!

Photos from The Voice of the Canals, as I am with my camera in Ojai!

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  1. Hey everyone – Bret and I were walking by the canal gates on Washington and the canals are getting full again! And the low-tide stench is almost gone.

    Yay, sluice plugs!

    I just like to say sluice. and plugs. “We got our sluices plugged and there’s no more stench.” I’m going to try to work that into a normal conversation today.