Hell almost frozen over !!!


Baja Cantina remodeled their restrooms!!! Hell will officially be frozen over if Hinano follows suit, but I have a feeling that the world is safe from that ever happening. I would think Baja had to ramp it up a bit now that Cabo Cantina moved in down the street. Next thing you know Baja will have all you can eat tacos and two for one drinks. I am happy for the change .. I have never understood restaurants that can’t provide a decent place to wash your hands as a customer. Baja Cantina used to be awful … finally they show they care for their customers! Don’t hold your breath on Hinano following suit tho, I just can’t see that happening. Heck, Hinano smells like the bathroom .. would it be as charming if they fixed that?
Baja Cantina new bathroomBaja Cantina new bathroom
Baja Cantina
311 Washington Blvd
Venice, CA 90292
(310) 821-2252