Yesterday while checking out the sunset, THAT GUY came running by. Who is THAT GUY? As far as I can tell THAT GUY is Mr. WannaSeeMyDingDong.

There are certain unique people that we all see around town that give Venice that “Venice character” which is world renowned. Other communities like Brentwood have freaks … but they are freaks that dress like business men or women and you only find out they are freaky after you date them. At least Mr. WSMDD lays it on the line and lets people know who they are dealing with up front. If anyone can email us a picture of this guy wearing pants, I’d love to see it! (I really don’t wanna see it … I just can’t believe a picture with him wearing pants exists!)




  1. Bret, GREAT nickname for this guy! And you’re right, he and his DD are definitely local. They both hang out on the boardwalk.