Fastest bicycle in the west?


Back when I was a wee lad before I discovered wine and women, I used to race the velodrome . For more than two decades, velodrome bikes have been making their way to the streets, inspired by the NYC and San Fran bike messengers. While I appreciate the aesthetics of the bikes, I have always wondered why someone would be so inclined to take a fixed gear bike and ride it as a "daily". Fixed gear bikes are the ones that blow your knees out when you try and stop them suddenly. Your legs are the brakes. So … while I personally don’t understand the fad having raced them back in the day … it is always fun to see one when a loon takes it down to the market for a quart of beer.

The other thing that I recall from racing bicycles was that anyone that showed up to a race on a pink bicycle was either really fast or really stupid. You don’t race a pink bike unless you have the ability to win, or all your fellow cyclists in the peloton will be hammering you to no end on your color choice.

This bicycle owner is either really fast or really dumb.

(Or maybe doesn’t race at all and likes the color, which makes my comments pointless!)




  1. Yep, those are some nice Mavic (although green) rims there, my bet is on a history of swerving in to traffic while riding drunk, hence the need for high visibility.