Mao’s Kitchen in Venice Beach at Windward


You can’t live in Venice and not frequent Mao’s Kitchen. A good meal is always had at Mao’s. If you don’t like spicy, ask them to hold off on the heat. They don’t have parking, but there are plenty of meters and street parking around unless it is summertime and the tourists are on the loose. The lunch special can’t be beat for a good deal on good food. The only complaint? I have friends that are not happy Mao’s will not deliver to the Palisades.Mao's Kitchen Venice Beach CaliforniaMao's Kitchen Venice Beach CaliforniaMao's Kitchen Venice Beach California



  1. HAHAHAHAHA..i thought everyone in the palisades HAD MOVED TO VENICE!!!!
    if they want Maos delivery its simple
    80K down and a thirty year fixed..BOOYAA!!