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4 Wellness Tips for Moms Living in Los Angeles

There is no shortage of wellness options living in LA, so it can be easy to overlook them and take them for granted. Countless juice bars, spas, and enough sweat lodges to make your head spin. But the truth is, wellness is important for everyone, whether they’re in a bustling place like Los Angeles or not – and it’s almost most important for mothers. Statistically, most mothers not only perform the world’s toughest full-time job of parenting but also work full or part-time jobs outside of the home; they may be students and lead fulfilling social lives. For those reasons, prioritizing wellness for mothers in the LA area becomes paramount, and the oft-overlooked wellness options are worth remembering. If you’re an LA-based mother who needs some serious self-care, is trying to live a more intentional lifestyle, or even struggling with mental health, addiction, or other health concerns, keep reading for the best wellness tips that can get you back on track to the healthiest, happiest version of yourself. 

Start With Diet 

There are so many health-conscious restaurants in Los Angeles, and it’s high time that moms focus on nutrition beyond what they put in their kids’ bellies. The truth is many moms spend hours preparing carefully curated, balanced and nutritious meals for their kids, and then they end up overwhelmed and reaching for convenient sugary snacks to fuel them throughout their days. Take advantage of healthy eateries in LA, like Citizen Sprout on Wilshire Boulevard in Santa Monica or Botanica in Silver Lake. Your health and your family will appreciate these foundational steps you are taking toward overall wellness. 

Recognize Vices 

We all struggle with vices, whether being a self-identified shopaholic, overindulging in sweets, or more serious issues like substance abuse. No matter how big or small your vices are, it’s important not to let them control you. Seeking treatment through a therapist, private residential detox facility, or booking an appointment with your GP are steps to take to reclaim your life from your vices. While one or two glasses of wine may not be a big deal for some moms, other moms indulge in a bottle every night. Recognizing your problems for what they are and having the courage to overcome them is something moms are cut out for – because mothers are some of the strongest creatures on earth. 

Celebrate the City 

A key to our overall wellness is our environment. We can recognize this in the way we decorate our homes, but it expands beyond that to where we live. Los Angeles is a beautiful community with plenty of opportunities to expand our well-being through visiting famous sites like the Griffith Observatory for some universal perspective, hiking the Paseo Miramar in the Palisades to get a rush of feel-good endorphins and taking in the vistas our area is known for or simple activities like strolling the Venice Canal Walk. Whatever activities you choose to celebrate the city, trust that they will provide peace, relaxation, and perspective to set you on your path to long-term overall wellness. Make this practice sustainable and schedule time weekly to enjoy it. 

Treat Yourself 

As mothers, we can get run down and tired, and it can show on our faces and, of course, come out through our mood swings. Taking time for yourself may seem unattainable, but it’s time that’s paramount to prioritize. Use this time to visit spots like the Tracy Anderson Method in Brentwood to get your fitness on, the Los Angeles Yoga Club to zen out, or take in medical spa treatments to rejuvenate your face at one of the many spas that offer injectables and other treatments to look and feel your best. The adage is true when you look good, you feel good, so don’t feel selfish taking time to look and feel your best – it’s essential to your well-being. 

Other opportunities to up your wellness include booking a hotel to be alone for one night to recharge; try the Maybourne Beverly Hills for a splurge that’s worth it or the Hotel Bel-Air if you’re feeling fancy. Even just grabbing a coffee alone or with another mom-friend can be a game-changer on days where you’re short on time, which, let’s face it, is most days. Being a mother may be one of life’s greatest and toughest responsibilities, but your hard work pays off in spades with the joy of watching the fruits of your labor grow in your children. You’ve got this, mama! Here’s to your health and wellness!

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