Design to Sell and oSHen Properties: Reimagining Westside Real Estate

Design to Sell and oSHen Properties are reimagining the Westside real estate experience. Photo: Edify TV.

A fully integrative home buying and selling experience in Venice

By Sam Catanzaro

On the Westside of Los Angeles, a boutique brokerage has teamed up with a boutique design company to offer homeowners, agents, potential buyers and developers a truly unique real estate experience.

Meet oSHen Properties, a brokerage, and Design to Sell, a full home styling service for residential and commercial real estate.

“oSHen Properties really handles every facet of the real estate transaction; from staging your property to managing the process to actually selling the property,” said Elizabeth Clay, owner of oSHen Properties and Design to Sell. “By providing a fully integrated service proposition that lists, stages and sells your property. oSHen will invest in your home and be engaged in every aspect of the sales timeline.”

Clay, an entrepreneur, real estate investor and Venice resident, understands the changing face of the residential real estate market, which is one of the reasons she created the partnership between oSHen Properties and Design to Sell.

“Design to Sell has a warehouse of inventory and designers ready to customize a home to help the future owners envision it as their own. oSHen Properties has partnered with Design to Sell to help their clients sell their homes faster and for the best price,” said Kendra Beelen, Agent at oSHen Properties and Project Manager and Designer at Design to Sell. “Homeowners, agents, potential buyers and developers will all benefit from our offerings. We have experience in ground-up builds, redesigns, interior design, staging and selling so we are able to cater to the buyer, seller and developer alike.”

According to Beelen, clients in Venice and the Westside are uniquely poised to benefit from the partnership between these two companies. This is both because of the nature of the real estate market in the area and also because of the desired lifestyle needs of residents.

“The Westside and Venice area is in high demand. People are looking for not only enough space but a specific lifestyle that includes great function and design to fit the needs of their busy lives. Our team not only has an eye for finding great spaces but can also help create a great design to make it just right for our clients,” Beelen said. “Our philosophy is creating unique spaces which evoke a relaxed coastal lifestyle.”

The partnership between oSHen Properties and Design to Sell not only benefits oSHen by allowing them to sell houses faster and for the best price, but also ultimately benefits the homebuyer with more than just a house, but a home that will provide enjoyment for years.

“We love what we do and it shows in our designs. We pay attention to the details of the home and imagine the people who may someday live there. We want to design spaces people can see themselves living in and enjoying for years to come,” Beelen said.

For more information about oSHen Properties, visit or follow them on Facebook at @oshenproperties. To learn more about Design to Sell, log on to their website at and follow them on Instagram