Guy Camilleri: 2018, The next few weeks

"The streets are relatively empty as are many of my favorite surf spots and local jaunts to eat and drink," writes Guy Camilleri of Venice during the holiday season. Photo: Six12Media.

By Guy Camilleri 

How will you spend the last few weeks of 2018? Will you cram a bunch of things in last minute, or will you postpone them for 2019?

Maybe, it will be a combination of both. However it plays out, I hope you will give yourself a moment to acknowledge what you have accomplished thus far and to carve out some time in the coming year to bring to completion that which still needs to be done!

I like this time of year in Venice. Many people travel during the holiday… the streets are relatively empty as are many of my favorite surf spots and local jaunts to eat and drink. Also, the month of December seems to call out the opportunity to finish/start that stack books on my desk. And, to grab that remote, kick back and watch those movies and television shows I’ve cued up.

I like the fact that another year is coming to a close and that in this 12th month I am provided the opportunity to reflect on what I’ve accomplished, what I haven’t and does it even really matter. But, on the flip-side I want to be honest about what’s working in my life and what’s not!

Also, there is a need to bring to closure specific conversations that are ‘hanging in the wind’ so to speak with friends, colleagues and family members. I am committed to having these conversations from a place of authenticity. This time of year, I seem to notice the changes in my body, and check in to see that they are in alignment (no pun intended) in service to me on a daily basis and as an actor, acting coach and surfer.

I like the cool weather, the rain, slipping on a layer or two of clothing, the opening of an umbrella, cold mornings and turning on the heater as I drift back to sleep, if there is no surf!

I like that I seem to crave herbal teas, various soups (and crackers) while wearing socks on my feet and looking out the window… I’m not sure why, perhaps this is partly due to reflecting, or the letting go of what is now behind me or maybe because I can.

I like using my mind to as a tool to set short and long term goals to accomplish as an actor, acting coach and poet in 2019 along with declaring something that will take me outside of my comfort zone.

I like that I can write these thoughts down in this column on this day in this month, as I can’t imagine doing it any other time of year. I like knowing that it is raining here in Venice, right now. Though, I don’t like that it makes me hesitate about going surfing due to levels of bacteria that are harmful. That thought in of itself, bums me out.

I like the idea of gift sharing this month, though I also like the idea of gift sharing every day in one form or another.

Oh, and I especially like eggnog with a splash of brandy in it… as it brings me instantly back to my east coast roots and simultaneously reminds me how lucky I am to live in Venice Beach, California.

And you?

Guy Camilleri is a Venice-based actor, acting-life coach, and poet. His classes are packed with actors, writers, directors and creative people from all walks of life on Tuesday and Wednesday evenings at the Electric Lodge, in Venice.

His private coaching specializes in building characters for film, television, stage, audition preparation, self-taped auditions, original reels and self-expression in any field of interest. To audit, enroll in a class or book a coaching session, visit Follow Guy on Instagram and Facebook.