Dog-O-Ween: A Howling Good Time

Best in Show. Celebrating Uncle Chuck’s Annual Dog-O-Ween in Venice. Photo by

by Melanie Camp.

Venice neighbors got together for a howling good time to celebrate Uncle Chuck’s Annual Dog-O-Ween hosted by Venice Paparazzi and co-event organizer Rhonda DeVictor Sunday, October 29 at 23rd and Ocean Front Walk, in Venice.

Dog-O-Ween 2017 co-organizer Rhonda DeVictor. Photo by Venice Paparazzi.

Rock and Roll Doggy’s Jaime Sol Black, Venice Art Crawl’s Sunny  Bak, Animal activist Gina Rubinstein, and Roxy Mills took on the “ruff” role as “judge-mental” judges.

Judge Sunny Bak with Pinky Bak wearing a spiked skull costume. Photo by

Event emcee, Alex Stowell from Venice Paparazzi shared some of the best moments with Yo! Venice.

What were some of the standout costumes?  

Always so many fantastic costumes and spirited family.  Everyone brings the A game every year.  Some of the best this year were, the clown “it,” Lobster in a pot, Cleo-pawtra, and chia pet.

Any really funny moments?  

The whole thing was pretty darn amusing.  However, there was one dog who would start howling every time I was announcing another dog on the red carpet. It was as if he was either cheering them on, or saying “look at me, look at me.”

How long have you guys hosted Dog-O-Ween?

We took over for Uncle Chuck, who was the original organizer. We have been doing it for 6 to 7 seven years, I can’t remember exactly.

Does Smithers like dressing up?  Smithers and Gertrude (the Stowell’s two dogs) love dressing up. Unfortunately, with me emceeing and Edizen taking photos, there is no one to watch them, so they stay home for Dog-o-ween. And when we come home. smelling like other dogs, boy do they give us the “where the hell have you been” smell/stare down.

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Venice Paparazzi would like to thank their donors; Rosalie Maduro of Hungry Dawgs of Dogtown for her handmade, human grade, all-natural organic treats, Paige Petrone from, Simmzy’s, Rock and Roll Doggy, Westside Dogs LA, and Bruno’s Cat & Dog Boutique. As well as, Christopher Hawley and Jimmy P for the live music.

Event emcee, Alex Stowell from Venice Paparazzi. Photo by
Lobster in a pot. Photo by
Cleo-pawtra. Photo by
May the paws be with you! Photo by
A howling good time. Photo by